On your marks. . .

It’s February. Plans are underway to join the A-Z blogging challenge in April.


I enter into this with trepidation and curiosity. Who will look at my blog? What will they think? Do they face the same fears I do? More importantly can I do this, can I commit?

In the past, I have started many a blog, and it’s always ended the same – cold and alone, as I invariably return to my pen and notebooks.

This time, I tell myself. This time will be different.

Different because it has to be, but also because I want it to be.

Habits are formed through regular repetition of an action, usually within a 28 day period! Interesting. Interesting too that I am excited about this project imparticular.

I will be blogging about my writing process and allowing others to read my writing. Something I have never allowed before. You know, real writing. Many people have read my training manuals; my faction. Not my fiction. Funny really, how I think of my real writing as something that is created from within me, rather than something that actually exists beyond the self.

Mmmh. Do excuse me, I must ponder this a while!


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