New synopsis for the book “The Way of Wytch” Here goes:

“The Kingdom has raged war upon magics for over twenty years.

After the bodies of the King and Queen are discovered, without wound nor scar, magic is the prime suspect. The new King, Mael, now faces a decision; continue with the same rule as his Father before him, or create changes within the land. After the betrayal of his own wife, his decision is made for him. An elite army of warrior monks are trained to bring destruction and chaos to the Kingdom, ridding the land of magics once and for all.

But, magic has it’s own ally. A strange creature that is not of the same world as Mael. Volva has the power of second sight. She has seen how the world was created, and she knows how it will surely end.”

Comments and critique are always welcome. Does it sound interesting enough to make you want to pick up the story and keep coming back?


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2 responses to “Synopsis.

  • strassur

    It’s difficult to critique without knowing the actual story, but the pacing is good and it leaves the reader asking questions; such as who is Volva and who killed his parents and what happened with his wife. This is what makes readers want to begin in your journey to find out. Sounds great to me. I’d read it.


  • saxtoncorner

    Hi Strassur! This is my first time “out” as a writer and I am tentatively making steps to share my thoughts and ideas.So thank you for your kind words. 🙂


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