There be wytches!

It never ceases to amaze me that in everyone I meet there’s always a magical story.
Whilst true, there is a story to be found in every person, place or object, it is the magical stories I attract.

Funny then, that even from past experience, the acknowledgment of magic and witchery this fact still surprises me!

It is during polite conversation with a stranger, whether they are on a train, a plane, walking in the same woods or shopping at the same venue as me that a tiny spark of “I have a story that might interest you…” peeks out from behind the mask of normality.

Today I met a person with a great tale to tell. One which I won’t share, as it is not my place to tattle, nor tell.

But, I do want to discuss the hypnagogic state!

That glorious feeling of being on the edge of slumber, in between wakefulness and sleep.  In between worlds.

This state, between the worlds is usually accompanied by visuals of geometric patterns, sometime monochrome imagery that dances and plays in the middle distance of your mind.  If you are not visual, like me, you may experience sounds or feelings. Have you ever had a moment where you truly believe someone called your name, or you picked up on a snippet of conversation by familiar voices only to look around and find yourself alone?

How about sleep paralysis?

Ooh, sleep paralysis.

The old witch or hag who sits upon your chest at night and steals your soul!

Er, no! Sleep paralysis is the wonderful way our body stop us from acting out our dreams. Known as REM atonia.

REM atonia is where the neurotransmitters in the brain are shut down, a chemical is released to almost completely restrain the body. It is a safety mechanism. Aren’t we amazing?

If you’re an unlucky individual, like, say, me, to have ever experienced night terrors your chemicals aren’t working at 100%. But that’s O.K. Especially in this day and age, so much research and study has gone into sleep patterning that there is help for these cases. I say unlucky above, because it is a scary ordeal to go through, or witness as my sister would vouch for! . . . Anyway. . .

Where the hypnagogic state is concerned, you are just nodding off and the chemical is released prematurely, and you experience sleep paralysis. Or the other way round, is when you wake up too early before your body has rebalanced the chemical! It is a fascinating and in depth subject, full of sciencey stuff that I can’t even begin to explain.

No, it’s the other worldly stuff, I want to think about.

For people who have experienced this state, generally speaking they have also experienced “something more” to go with it. Visitations of the spirit kind, messages, hand holding, pure intense emotion, even tears. Some people who have spoken to me about this subject have felt a little silly, or in contrast, have been quite fearful, most fall somewhere in the middle.

All are normal reactions – remember, everyones reaction is normal. It is their reaction to an experience, that only they have had, and theirs is the only perspective of that experience! If you catch my crazy drift!

In my experience of working with a lot of troubled minds and with students of the supernatural, I have discovered that those who have experienced the hypnagogic state are more likely to be able to connect to spirit more easily than those who have not experienced it.

Also, it is worth noting the way in which the state is experienced – Visually, auditory, sentiently etc. As this will reflect upon how spirit will communicate. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairolfaction, but the 5 Clair’s is for another post.

And, a quick shout out to that person I spoke to regarding this subject today, thank you. It just goes to prove that I still have the right face for people to speak openly about their supernatural feelings and experiences. And thank you also for proving to me that indeed, there is a little wytch in every one.

For information regarding the natural hypnagogic state:

Wiki Wiki

And, for information regarding the supernatural:

Waki waki


Wishing you all a sweet slumber 😉




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One response to “There be wytches!

  • S dot Love

    I love this post! I’m obsessed with all things supernatural even though I’m afraid of the dark smh lol. Sometimes it’s just more fun to want to think there is more than just the mundane happenings of life.

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