Unchartered territory.

This week I’ve been trying my hand at some good ole fashioned map making!

I’m not a budding cartographer. I’m not burying treasure whereby X will mark a spot. I’m not lost.

Well. O.K. Maybe a little lost.

I read other peoples blogs, articles, news features etc, regarding fantasy authors and their worlds, and each one states how important it was to them to create a map. Read any fantasy, and you’re sure to find a map to go with the plot. These are maps that we, the readers can refer to, we can follow the hero as they journey into the unknown.

When I was younger and everyone I knew was reading the “big” books like The Lord of the Rings, we all wanted the maps on our walls. We copied them and used them as bookmarks. We marked our favourite places! Since then, every fantasy I’ve read, I’ve studied the maps that accompany the story with relish.

My book needs that too, I cried! Is this just some other form of procrastination, or do I really need a map?

Well, actually, it’s helping me. A huge amount. But for the sake of saving this delicate and fragile ego of a wannabe artist, I will delay in providing you with my work. Today.

I downloaded a map creator AutoRealm.  It’s basic, once you get your head around it, and at the download stage there is a lot of annoying outside downloads that go with it, so be careful to uncheck the boxes otherwise you may end up with a bunch of new toolbars that are the most annoying! That said. Once it is downloaded and, if you’re anything like me, watched a host of youtube videos on how to use the damn thing, then it’s map making heaven!

And, I will post pictures of my maps. I will. Once I’ve conquered these nerves! And figured out how to put in some rivers….


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