5 Minute Meditations

As previously mentioned I like to procrastinate when I should be writing. Suddenly the house needs cleaning, a trip to the shops is much needed – Even if my cupboards are stocked, and really, how many more shoes do I need?

Everything around me is highlighted with speech bubbles coming from them “Attend to me..”, “Clean me!”, “Organise me”, or I pick up the telephone and have hour long conversations about nothing in particular – Usually with my sister or best friend, but also sometimes with anyone who answers my call.

I stood at the door once and chatted happily with a salesman about religion and spirituality. Poor bloke. I think he thought he was on to a winner. He wasn’t. I was getting out of work. On the plus side to that conversation, he dropped around the next day with a book he believed I would enjoy. I do like reading. It propels me into writing. So at least I was on a winner that day 🙂

When I get into one of these funks, I try to ignore the housework, or the baking, or whatever, and try to get myself into gear.  Usually this is done by exercise. I’ve recently discovered the power of Jillian Michaels through our Xbox (Yes. That is the worst form of procrastination. Just an hour I tell myself. Ha!) Anyway, Jillian makes me work. Not just where fitness is concerned, but half an hour later, I’m sat back at the computer or with my note books, and I’m back at it. Happy me.

The best way of dealing with the Queen of procrastination when she rears her mischievous head is meditation. I used to teach other people how to relax, how to focus their energies, how to allow their body the time it needed to recharge, whilst stilling their mind and ridding it from the unnecessary clutter that daily life throws at us.

Focusing on a spot on the wall is perfect. It takes five minutes. You are fully recharged and refocused afterward.

Sit comfortably, but don’t cross your arms or legs. Stare straight ahead. Find a point on the wall opposite you that your eyes feel comfortable with looking at, and simply watch it.

Don’t think about anything. If you do have those crazy thoughts that battle to the forefront of your mind, try to let them go. Don’t ignore them, accept them, acknowledge them, and let them pass you by.

Focus on your breathing. In, nice and calm, all the way down to the belly, and out, through the mouth and steady.

Sit comfortably. Focus. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat for five minutes.

You’ll be surprised at this simple remedy. Anyone can do it; even if you’ve never meditated before.

You are focusing on something insignificant (spot on the wall) and on something very significant (your breathing). Everything else simply falls away for those wonderful five minutes. I’m not saying you’re likely to achieve Nirvana in this amount of time, but you will certainly feel realigned to get back to work. Which, is what I’m about to do.

Happy writing.


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