Technological (dis)advantages

First of all, an apology for my lack of blogs this last week. I have had some issues with the computer, my internet connection, and my loathing for working on a tiny mobile phone screen 😦

Secondly, a  warm welcome to my new followers, thank you and please note, I am not usually this tardi with posts.

Thirdly, I am taking part in the A-Z April Blogging Challenge so I will be posting everyday during this month. I will continue with my two – three posts in May. To any of you who may be doing this challenge as well, drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to cheer you on too 🙂

Last of all, a big shout out to the lovely blogger Ramblings on the wall. Who nominated me for a Liebster award while I was away 🙂 Thank you, and I will get those questions answered on a more focused blog post soon!!


If you have read my Procrastination Queen post you will be forgiven in thinking that I was away with the fairies or some other shiny thing of interest; I wasn’t sadly. Instead, I was desperately trying to figure out the puzzle that is technology! Gulp.

Can’t do it.

Won’t do it.

Tantrums ahoy.

*stamps feet.

However this week, after my tantrums of last, I heard my Nans voice speaking to me as though I were 10 again “There’s no such word as can’t. Anything is possible”.

And so I tried. I began with the simple and hilarious advice from the IT Crowd – Have you tried turning it off and on again? Yes, still not connecting. I ran a scan – All fine, but still nothing connecting. I uninstalled a few programmes and restored to an earlier point. suddenly, there was a sign, the internet returned! I was triumphant!

Now, this may seem simple and easy to people who are technologically minded. I am not one of those people. Also, my dear old computer is on it’s last legs and won’t hold out for much longer.

As previously mentioned, I’m a notebook and pen kinda gal, that in itself caused a tantrum for me too. Since beginning this blog, I have tried to be more organised with my work. I had transferred an awful lot of my writing from notebooks to folders onto my desktop. Imagine then, the horror of not being able to get to any of it. I couldn’t write without my notes and plans and maps etc.  Also, because I had “organised” my work, my notebooks were in disarray, I had scribbled on them as a check to myself that this work or that writing had been transferred successfully. Some pages were torn out, some I had trashed, most were just illegible!

And then a funny thing happened. I sat down with paper and pen as I used to do, and I wrote.

It was good. It was better.

I wrote with the raw emotion of my anger and frustration, a few scenes that needed the passion of feeling lost and betrayed over the simple everyday things. I found a voice for one of my characters with whom I’d been struggling to hear. Usually, if annoyed or upset I don’t write. I like to write when I am calm and happy. It was the drive to get on with my work, in sheer defiance of my laptop and it’s contents, being inaccessible.

After it was over, and finally my computer was working, albeit with a limp, I was able to properly survey my situation.

I made copies of my work; printed, stored on discs and usb drives. Finally, when it came down to typing up my work I noticed there was less editing to do, and it weaved in nicely with my previous work, I didn’t need to check my notes obsessively.

I have learnt three things: Keep your notes in paper form – Always. Whatever mood you find yourself in; write. And always, always, back up!



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