B is for Blindness

When a babe is born with one eye turned inward, they were known to possess the Wyt. They were not blind to this world, they had the best of the two worlds granted to them as second sight. They were wytch. Revered and celebrated.
Alas, man is a fickle friend, and humankind changes as the turning the of the year wheel changes from summer to dark and lonely winters.
Those things that were once held dear and known to be beautiful, through misunderstanding, can be turned corrupt and ugly; dark creatures.
Where once was love, there was hatred and fear to take its place.
And so it was with the Wyt.Β 

After the uprising of the people in the western kingdom of Mariburgh, word soon spread that wytches were the channel for the Gods of the underworld. Their eyes were so turned to enable them communication with those Gods.

The King and Quene of Dagda Mead were good and just rulers, they listened to the fears of the people, and they acted upon them.
And so it came to be, that any who had the wyt were hunted down, their eye removed. Sometimes both.
Wytches fled for their lives. How does one hide when one eye is turned the other way? Families turned against them for fear of being persecuted by association, and bounties were set to reward those who bought a wytch to trial.

But the wyt can survive still.
Against all odds.
As the wyt is not reliant upon the eye to see, turned this way or that, it matters not.
Those who were born with wyt, will always have it, whether blinded or no. It is their wyt that guides them, taking them to a new world, with a new language, and new allies.
For when one is blinded, one can still see the truth.


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