G is for Guardians

The Guardians are four races of character who protect the quarter they are from:

The water element in Mariburgh County is protected by the Nixen. Who represent the ebb and flow of all life.

Fate and destiny.

They deliver tears of change.

Although they live within the waters; ocean, rivers, streams, wells and springs etc. They can come on land and shed their skin to take on human form. The men are considerably handsome and seduce women. The women have a long term plan however. Once their skin is shed they take on the human form and craft a spell using their hide to entrap their prey into falling in love with them and marrying. The Nixen are the one guardian of the four who like to interact with the people of Dagda Mead.


The earth element in Nareton is protected by the Pan. With soft brown skin and amber eyes, long golden hair that has leaves and vines twisted throughout. Pan prefer to remain in the cover of the forests and woods. However, his presence can be felt in all of nature.

They represent the survival instincts and the hunter of the people of Dagda Mead.  Warriors are made in the north. The wytch can communicate with this guardian through the ogham alphabet.

Pan is the hunter and the prey, he is rebirth.

Balance and vibration.


In the fire quarter of Agnistead, the guardian is Volva. A hooven creature with horns which she wraps her long blonde hair around. She can walk both worlds without disguise as she is the most human looking of all.

Volva is the keeper of secrets, the ward of hidden knowledge. In her fires, people are held captivated and entranced by their future selves.

Purity and transcendence.

She prefers to remain hidden as Pan does, However she isn’t as shy as he is, and if called will gladly show herself.


In Limenstowe, Lugi is the guardian of air and the east. Shapeshifters and messengers. Which, means he must have a crow/raven, right? (I do like my ravens in stories, in mythology, in real life!)

He has black hair like the raven, and dark pools for eyes. Lugi is the wind that whispers, the bird in flight, the howling in a storm.

If one of the other guardians needs a message delivering he is the power that moves them. Without Lugi, the others would become weak. Lugi makes himself known by a gentle touch or a calling of your name.

Lugi is love and compassion.





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