Daily Archives: April 9, 2014

H is for Hidden

Within the kingdom of Dagda Mead, there are many hidden doors to be found, many secrets to be discovered, and creatures to meet – or not.

It is through these doors, that many of the secrets are stored, hidden, locked away from the eyes of a mortal.

“The mundane world is stepping further away from that of the magical.
Few would dare to venture out. Set on a journey to seek out the doors.

For fear of failing perhaps?
For fear of fear itself?

Nevertheless, there are those rare individuals who have the daring and the spirit of curiosity.

Maybe the Raptures of courage have visited them and they have themselves set out, with new found bravery, upon the path to discover the magics that once were everyday and mundane in themselves.

Those paths that reveal themselves like mists unveiling a lake at first light.

Coincidence, synchronicities, is it just one of those things?
Fate. Destiny. Magic.
The doors are open to all who seek.

Not hidden. Merely hiding.”




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