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I is for Interference

Hello to all, welcome to my new followers and thank you for clicking the follow button 🙂

Today, I am late in posting and following my duty to the fellow A-Z’ers as, stupidly, I thought “today is a good day to decorate my kitchen!”

It was kind of planned in all fairness. I picked out the wallpaper and paint, organised for the dogs to go on a little holiday to their Nanas. As Glossing with a couple of dallies wanting to help and only actually hindering by shaking their little white hairs all over a new coat of paint is never a good thing!

However, my kitchen is the TARDIS. I really didn’t think it would be such a huge undertaking. I’m shattered and haven’t even started painting or papering yet. . .Cleaning always gets in the way. I’m fastidious with cleaning everywhere before decorating. I blame my dad!

So today, lovely today, has disappeared. I haven’t written one word. Okay, I wrote “love” on the window with a big heart before I cleaned it. But that’s all.

Today could also stand for interlude. Yes, that’s better. Interlude.

Hopefully, it will all be done for tomorrows J post.

Happy writing all 🙂

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