M is for Magical Moon

Or the moon is mine!

Here’s one of my all time favourite songs by Eddie Reader.



As I am writing a book dedicated to witches (wytches) and the power of magic, it would be remiss of me to not include this silver beauty. Of course, my story has an exaggerated form of magic, but it is based on the magical principles that I live by.

There are many phases to the moon. Three in particular I use in my book.

The Waxing moon; Increasing and growth magic.

The Full moon; Magic at it’s maximum power.ย Drawing the power from her to the wytch.

The Waning moon; Decreasing, banishments and bindings.

I have also named my moons, with the corresponding month in which they appear, mainly so I can measure time in the narrative, and also because I just love making up names…

January – The Ice Moon. Everything sleeps, and what sleeps beneath the icy surface is still unknown.

February – The Quickening Moon. Life begins to stir beneath the ice as it begins to melt and the earth begins to stir.

March – The Justice Moon. Balance between light and dark, with balance we have justice and equality.

April – The Spring Moon. Okay, so this is fairly obvious, spring has sprung, hazzarr!

May – The Sacred Moon. The Sacred bough is removed from the Sleeping Tree and crafted for virility and fertility spells over the next two months.

June – The Kings Moon. Representing the God and the throned King. Virility and masculine powers are celebrated. Along with the name day for all Kings, regardless of which month they were physically born.

July – The Quenes Moon. All Royals are married during this month. Fertility and femininity powers are celebrated.

August – The Blessed Moon. Offerings of thanks and blessing rituals are performed at this time of year, to honour the great Mother (Magna) and Father (Dagda).

September – The Harvest Moon. Celebrating the bounty of the earth. The harvesting rituals in Dagda Mead.

October – The Dreaming Moon. The colder days are drawing in now, and the veil between light and dark is thinning. This is an excellent month/moon for connecting with otherworlders.

November – The Fall Moon. Okay, another self explanatory moon. Yes, I know I’m British, therefore I should have the word autumn instead. But I love the word fall, it signals the time of year when the leaves fall. It also suggests that this is when something, or indeed someone, could actually fall (down) Lol.

December – The Wintering Moon. Again, obvious. Maybe I should work on these names after all!


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