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Q is for Quene (of procrastination)

It happened again! I got behind with my blogging duties, I’m sorry 😦


In all fairness, it is a rare event that hubby is off work the same week as the kids, and rarer still that we can organise days out together. Now the kids are that bit older, they want to be off out with mates and don’t really want to hang out with mum and dad – Eurgh, where’s the fun in that? Of, course, I’m still quite good at the old bribery and corruption (Easter eggs, Xbox, etc) So we got a few hours of family time.

We had a lovely day out at Eyam, plague village in the picturesque Derbyshire Peaks, a day out at the workhouse in Southwell. Yeah, I know, a day of fun at the workhouse? Er, really?

And we topped the week off with a ghost walk in Nottingham at two of the finest pubs the city has to offer; The Salutation Inn (where I spent a lot of the ’90’s drinking) and The Trip to Jerusalem (oldest inn in England).

The rest of the week was spent walking the dogs, seeing family and playing on the Xbox while eating too much chocolate. A damn fine week!


Anyway, all this fun and frolicking with the family out in the sun meant that I now have to catch up with my blog, and actually get down to some serious writing if my goal to finish the first draft by the end of May is going to be met! Panicking now…

Meet the Quene of Dagda Mead. She is the first wife of King Mael. She has a naughty secret (or two) she isn’t so much of a main character, but is crucial to plot. here’s her introduction in the story:

“She stepped out of the shallow waters and disrobed her grey silken skin, allowing it to elegantly drop on the wet sands.

Her new body; the form she took as human glinted under the dawning sun. With ample bosom and buttocks she felt sure Mael would be attracted to it. She had studied him for a long time, finding him to appreciate beauty in all female form, but the fuller figure and long red hair was what seemed to excite him the most.

She got to keep her Nixen eyes; deep,dark pools, soulful and alluring, as the sea itself. 

Finally, here she was, after years of planning and a lifetime of waiting.

Here, on a small cove nearing the city of Dagda Mead, covered by grey rocks and green trees, in between night and day, her old life behind her, her new life was about to begin.

A small flutter of anticipation rose up within her and she placed her hand on the soft pale skin of her belly. She straightened her spine out, wriggled her toes in the sand, reached her arms out and she gave her new body permission to celebrate by spinning around on the golden beach. A giggle reached her mouth and she allowed it to turn into a laugh, such a delightful sound from a beautiful woman surrounded by the stunning views of the city walls.

She began to walk closer to them and away from her old world that was the ocean. In the distance the bells were ringing out, as if to signal her arrival.”



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