R is for the Raptures

I have previously mentioned a Rapture character in A is for Awen, right at the start of this A-Z challenge.

Although the Awen is the one that I started playing around with as a concept for my story, I decided that it might be nice to have such a creature for each quarter.

The list below is the element of which they belong, the area in Dagda Mead they can be found, their corresponding magics, and in brackets their names.

They are:
Air – Limenstowe, high up in the mountains to the east of the kingdom.

The Rapture of Love, Wisdom and Truth (Awen) He is blue.

Fire – Agnistead, the southern most part of the kingdom, surrounded by dessert.

The Rapture of Will, Justice, and Transcendence (Ralan) He is red.

Earth – Up in the north is Nareton, fertile plains, forestry and woodlands.

The Rapture of Strength, Courage and Might (Maeh) He is gold.

Water – Over to the west and in Mariburgh where the waters are green and the sea whispers.

The Rapture of Life, Fate and Destiny (Ashrah) He is green.

I have said “he” when describing their colours, but they are in fact a race of energy, no sex or tangible presence exactly.

I’m still playing around with these guys, so this is a bit of a vague post. I hope to be adding to them very soon.

Until then; happy writing 🙂



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