S is for Sisterhood of the World, Blogging Award



I do love the sisterhood, and this one’s most awesome because it was awarded to me by a new blogosphere buddy S dot Love over at Ramblings on the wall. Her posts are so entertaining and have had me crying and laughing, as well as admiring the ace pictures/gifs that accompany her post. S dot Love, you’re an all round sweetheart. Thank you honey 🙂


I have been nominated for a couple of other awards, and they will be in future posts during May. This one however, requires me to nominate 12 blogs who are inspiring and gorgeous with their blogging.

And the nominees are:


1 – Lainey Rain 

2 – Crone-ing 

3 – Line of Delirium 

4 – Ileandraxraven 

5 – Scriblet 

6 – Trishnugentwriter 

7 – Suddenly they all died 

8 – Proactive Indian (as we don’t know whether you’re a sisterhood or brotherhood blogger, I’m just going to call it!)

9 – Lexa Cain 

10 – Millennium Dog

11 – NJ Magas

12 – Bead Contagion 

If you’re named above copy and paste the pic, link to me on your post and name your twelve! I nominated all of you because you  got my attention… Rare, as I’m easily distracted by shiny things!

If, you’re not on the list, I’m sorry. Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to get you next time. Mwah. xxx







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