T is for Tools

Tools of the trade to be exact!

Those who are blessed (or cursed; whichever way you want to look at it!) with the Wyt, have no need for tools as they themselves can be a powerful weapon or force. However, some of the more human characters are able to use magical tools.

Witches themselves have a host of tools of the trade ranging from the besom (broom) to the oracle card or a crystal for example.

The tools that my characters use are based on the magical tools that were used in history by witches for their craft. Simple everyday items which were hidden in plain sight in every woman’s kitchen.

They are, in no particular order, the bell, the besom, the athame, the wand, the chalice/cauldron, the thurible, salt and blessed water.

The Book of Shadows was simply a recipe book. Inside would be day-to-day food recipes with hidden codes used for spell crafting, if the witch actually needed one at all! Most spells were in fact passed down from mother to daughter or shared throughout a coven through songs, rhymes and riddles. This way a witch would have no hard evidence used against them.

Of course, there were always the odd (official) Book of Shadows hidden in a hearth grate, at a step within the chimney or beneath floorboards. These types of books were the ones that contained not only spells, but also information regarding the coven members.


I do hope to use all of these tools within my book, also incorporating some of the traditional family stories that have been passed down to me from history. I love the idea of secret books, hiding in plain sight and hidey holes with magical odds and sods, so there will also be this theme throughout The Way of Wytch.


Finally, I will add that the humans in my book come across a wonderful forge that they can use to magically charge any of their tools within. It is mainly a silver and metal smiths forge which someone just happens to come across.


Happy writing 🙂


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