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Z is for Zonked out!

The alphabet was too much for Pops.

The alphabet was too much for Pops.

Well, the computer and I managed to limp through to the end of this challenge. The poor old thing has been holding on for so long I really didn’t think we’d get here. I’ve managed to back up some of my work, but am so worried that ‘Puter will die before I’ve got all my writing backed up. It’s tried to keep going  for me, so all I can do now is salute it’s valour and bravery for being with me for such a long time.

R.I.P Puter 😦

So this is the end. The end of the A-Z challenge! I want to cheer and say “Hazzar!” as I will be able to get more writing done now – well, when I have a new laptop that is.

Nevertheless, well done to all who took part in this challenge! Thank you to all of you who are following this blog, I will no longer be filling your inboxes everyday with letters of the day a la sesame Street.

Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me and left lovely comments about my writing and/or my ideas. I’ve met some awesome people in cyberspace and found some bloody brilliant blogs to follow.

Along with my computer, it’s time to totally zonk out!

Oh, the dog got there before me 😉




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