After the A-Z challenge finished, and my computer showed no signs of ever working again,I decided to go away and sulk for a while! That lasted a day or maybe just an afternoon actually, lol.

I had to reorganise my work and try to figure out if I could save my laptop. So, (once again) I deleted programmes I no longer used, backed up all of my writing, deleted and saved photos – of which there were/are many.

And then a strange thing happened.

It happened at 3:00 am. My computer sprung into life, my bedroom bathed in a bright blue light of the LCD screen and I woke up with that kind of gripping fear;

“There’s going to be a message on my screen. it’s going to ask me if I want to play!”

Yes, horror movies have a lot to answer for. There was, of course, no such message. But, what made my computer come on?

The next morning, after turning the machine off and returning to sweet slumber, I discovered that my phones battery had completely drained. It’s not old, or of cheap quality, and it was plugged in to the mains. So what in the world was happening there?

Gremlins! That’s the only way I can describe it. Okay, maybe a poltergeist, but that’s unlikely right?

When I found some time to work, and my computer finally decided to boot up, all of the programmes I had previously uninstalled, had returned. If anyone has an explanation for these curious happenings, please let me know.

So, now I’m faced with the decision of deleting all those programmes again, and trying to fix the laptop (AGAIN) or just getting rid of the bloody thing and waiting for a new computer (affordability is priority) before continuing on with my book.

You see, I may have been a lover of pen and paper, but I’ve recently got so used to this typing, editing, and organising on screen, that I’m really going to miss it 😦



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