It’s Magic…

Magic. . .

Obsessed with the magical order of things, I work to a few guide lines that helps me when I’m writing. I think it’s good to have the boundaries in which to write a magical world. Here are the tips I’ve picked up along the way.

  • Magic is distinguishable from science by the measure of mystery. It remains aloof, and isn’t the go to method of explaining a flawed plot line.
  • It’s true potential should exceed it’s use in the story. Hint at it’s magnitude but try to keep it simple in the story.
  • Using logical explanation in simple language to govern its working.
  • Try to keep it in real world terms of physics and elements.

On top of this, I always ask myself three questions when creating a magical system:

  • Where does it come from? The most logical explanation for magic in it’s simplest terms.
  • Who has it? Is there an order, a hierarchy, a learned system or a birthright?
  • Why do they have it, what makes them so special?

When I’m reading a book that has a magical system in place, I feel let down if the protagonist doesn’t try to work through their problems in a logical, reasoned or emotional way  – If they simply smash through problems with magic, I get frustrated and easily distracted by the Xbox. There at least, I can be the one that smashes things up with magic!

Finally, when writing, I try to be as creative as I can be to write the things that I myself would want to read, whilst keeping to a logical and most necessary flow to drive the plot.

What do you want to read in your magical stories?



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