Serial thoughts

This last few days I’ve been wondering about what to do with my final manuscript. Not that it’s finished yet, you understand, but I am making progress with the order of the story.

After the head bashing of last week, I gathered all of my notes and excerpts together and categorised them. I made lists, created a spreadsheet, and grouped action and conflict with emotions. I argued with myself regarding the time line – There’s a lot of history here, and I felt it necessary to follow the story in the linear form of past to present and finish with hinting at the future.

However, since making my lists and checking them twice, I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the history of the story is actually not needed, the past it seems, can stay in the past.

I also realised that the magic had been diluted somewhat and the action part of the story had eclipsed it. This worried me as it took away part of my message, and created a conflict of my own. War bad – Magic good!

After some thumb twiddling over a floor of scattered papers and a computer screen blinking in anticipation, I chose to regroup and push myself into a more magical state of mind. The Kings arms are now changed and have a solid foundation in the world in which they belong. The legions are based upon the magical principles of the land, as it should be.

I began writing and editing as I went, including the chapters and scenes I had already written.

Then I stopped.

I wondered to myself: What are you going to do with this after you’ve finished?

This is a question I have never raised before with my solitary writing, my fiction.

I used to teach, as you know, I wrote manuals and guides and meditations for my students to read, work through and enjoy. I never questioned my own work, I simply did it and produced it with an attitude of: This is simply how it is. I didn’t expect criticism, critiques, an agent to knock at my door, or to publish any of my work. I wrote, people read, hopefully we all acquired growth and changed, end of story.

But this. This feels different.

So many of you who have followed my blog, left comments, and liked posts, have moved me up to a different level. Fellow bloggers who also are writers have shared their thoughts and views on their own work, that are so similar to my own views, it has given me a feeling of connectedness. It has driven me to work harder, write more, think about my work and aspire to something larger. Thank you guys 🙂

Because of this I’m wondering how do I do it?

There have been comments and mentions to me about creating a serial. Is it possible to publish a chapter on a weekly basis via a download file for others to read? I know people have done it, but I wouldn’t have a clue as to where to find this information and how to begin doing it. I am technologically challenged in this respect! Any hints, tips or direction would be gratefully received.

I know I’m not quite there yet, but I also know that I will be soon, and I do like to plan ahead.


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