Mercury Retrograde

As I was skulking on line earlier this week, I came across a gem of an article regarding my old friend Mercury.

Three times a year (four sometimes!) Mercury will be seen to stand still and appear to be transiting backwards. This can have, and has had, a deep impact on many peoples lives.

I took a class in astrology with an amazing teacher who really knew her subject. However, she did have a flair for the doom and gloom dramatics, regarding Saturn and Mercury.

Don’t get me wrong, over the years she taught us a great deal, from the mathematical plotting of charts – by hand, not using computer programmes! All the way through to horary astrology – divining through astrology (to loosely describe it).

However, her students, me included, did adopt her fear for these planets. So it has become quite common practise for me to hunt the internet, and my books, for clues as to what mercury can, and will, do to me every time it goes retrograde.

Which is when I stumbled upon Darkstar Astrology.

I no longer wish to run for the hills, or hide beneath my quilt. I’m quite happy to celebrate my creativity with this transit and happily get my crayons out.

It has certainly taught me that, no matter how much or how long you have studied a subject, you are never truly a master.

Wishing you all a very happy Friday, and a fabulous Retrograde.



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