It’s that time again, I’ve come down with World Cup fever – It’s a real thing!

On top of that, I’m job searching, which in itself is a full time job!

More… The sun is shining, which of course makes me want to lounge like a lizard and/or tend the garden.

Add to this, the catching up of all the gossip on E3 (it’s a gaming thing) you end up with one very dizzy procrastination queen! What is a girl to do?

My writing has been relegated!


How very dare I even suggest that I am, indeed, a writer!

As much as I like to procrastinate – I even ironed for two and a half hours yesterday to get myself out of hitting the keyboard! Before you ask; yes, I did have that much saved up for such an occasion. I may be queen of procrastination, but boy am I organised.

Where was I? As much as I like to procrastinate, I do have a very good reason for it. In an earlier post, (or maybe it was Twitter) I mentioned I had to go and kill off a character.

I can’t do it!

I simply can not bring myself to do it. (again, for those of you who will remember – my grandmother always used to say “there’s no such word as can’t!”) So I am having a little battle within my mind at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve killed off characters before. I’m one of those freaks who love to read the big and unexpected deaths in books that consume my thoughts – Stephen King, Ken Follet, George RR Martin. I think they’re great guys who bring devastation to the masses with the power of their words, their structuring of sentences, their sheer brilliance of prose. I have thrown books! I’ve sobbed on a bus! I vowed never again to read Stephen King (only to be lured by his tantalising tales once more!)

But, I simply can not bring myself to do it. So, I’m taking a breather. I’m relegating the writing whilst watching the footy and trying to decide which new game I want to buy first.

But to quote the genius of Jarvis Cocker (Front man of British band Pulp)

“It may look to the untrained eye – I’m sitting on my arse all day – I’m biding time until I take you all on – My Lords and Ladies – I will prevail – I can not fail.”

Whilst not actually sitting on my arse all day (unless the sun’s out!) I am biding my time. I’m thinking it through, and I will prevail, because bless him, this character has got to go.

Whatever you have planned – Football, gaming, sun bathing or even ironing, I hope you have a very happy weekend guys. x





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