The Moral of the Story is…

I’ve been adding new pages all over the place!

Above the title here, you’ll see I’ve added a new page “Wytch Recipes” in the “The Wytch in Me” tab.

It will contain a whole manner of recipes for delicious magical use! I thought I would kick things off with a few anointing oil recipes, found here!

Please feel free to try them out, although some of them aren’t mine – Credits are included where necessary, but please, please, see my disclaimer regarding aromatherapy first (also a new tab).

I also set about the wonderful task of adding new pages to my book!

This is mainly because, at long, happy, last, I discovered my theme – Yippee.

I know, some of you may begin with a theme for your story. The overall message that you wish to convey throughout your novel. Me? I struggle with theme. Can’t I just tell a nice (or gruesome) story without there having to be a theme?

Well, if you’re a writer, you’ll know that all books come with their theme(s).

If you’re a reader, you’ll finish a book, and think, “Huh. That was a really interesting tale of Good vs Evil”, or “Love really can conquer all”.

I’ve read interviews, and listened to a lot of writers talking about their themes in their work, I’ve read all about archetypes, I’ve studied plots and rhythms. But it was the forever elusive theme that always baffled me – Was I missing my own message? Did I actually have something to say? Was I just creating characters that pranced along in Storyville with no reason?

I guess it came down to ego. The fact is, the high-pitched voice that echoes up from deep within us all at one time or another, cried “What makes you so important and worthy to teach us a moral. How very dare you.”

While, to those of you who know me, it is true I’ve always had something to say. But it is usually based on fact. On study. On research. Or of course my bloody-minded opinion on movies!

My writing is different. It’s my voice. It’s my message, my theme.

It was suggested to me a while ago, that I just concentrate on my writing, that theme will eventually come. Like so many other aspects of writing, it hits you in the middle of doing something entirely unrelated. It seemed like good, sound advice, but this was said to me by the person who also told me I needed to build my confidence where my work was concerned, she tried to bolster me up, she was the one who made me write a blog!

So, because of the confidence lacking aspect of my own character, I assumed she was simply trying to encourage me along. She told me to concentrate on my fictional characters and take them from A to B, theme will find me before long.

Well, it worked. It’s all true. If you’re stuck with your theme, don’t panic. It really does jump up and bite you on your nose.

It all means, that today, I have to write a few more pages to accentuate the theme, without overdoing it and becoming that opinionated, moralistic, egotistical brat with a high pitched voice!


Happy Writing. x




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