Is it Fated?

Wow! I’ve been so busy the last few days with preparations of a new project. Not of the written kind, I have my work cut out with The Way of Wytch and am fully committed to finishing this before I start another novel.

Someone from the past has reached into the present and has given me the opportunity to teach again. This has got me quite excited.

Mainly because it’s not going to be my own business, as it once was the industry I was in, it’s just a chance to get back into what I love doing and what I’m good at. Offering spiritual guidance and teaching magic. I can simply walk in, do my thing and leave!  Yay!

Which brings me to The Fates.


 The Fates“At each days end, the eldest daughter would bind the silks to a Witchwood tree, she would carefully knot the woven threads with her family seal and, placing the loose end into the waters, she would ask for knowledge of the fates. 

At each new dawning, it was the youngest daughters task to reel the threads in and check the seal. This practice continued through the generations, from grandmother, mother and daughter.
And so it was, and so it is, and so they thought it ever shall be, with every family in the Kingdom of Dagda Mead.
Only now, the fates are shifting. There is a sense of unease, an oppressive darkness seeming to rise, the air is bitter and the winds have started to whisper.
The Raptures are becoming afraid, the Guardians do not know who they can trust, and the Gods and Goddesses have began to take notice of the world below them.” 




Do you believe in the fates, synchronicity, coincidence?



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