Wednesdays Wisdom

OMT = Oh My Triformis )o(

(Just for a giggle)

This is a card from “The Seekers Guide to the Hidden Path” by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor, with images by Mickie Mueller.

It’s one of my favourite card decks. I use it for daily meditations and also for guidance when faced with difficult decisions.

Basically, this deck of cards is what helps me with The Way of Wytch, because it resonates and connects, deeply, to my own spirituality and values within Paganism.


Because it is a deck I use for myself, I don’t use it when giving other people readings.

However, I have used it when teaching Wicca as it uses beautiful symbolism and offers a great visual aid to those who are new to the craft. If you are interested in learning more about this deck, or in buying them,  you can do so at Ravens Loft, the authors’ on line shop.

OMT! Have you seen my cards? They're like, totally awesome!

OMT! Have you seen my cards? They’re like, totally awesome!



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