I am Wytch

A dulcet chant, sang by witches before their deaths.

Their belief is simple – that they return to the energy from whence all life came, that the energy of spirit lives on in others. That even death can not sever their belief, that the Wyt will continue on.

Will it continue on?


“I am wytch, a witch am I.

A wytch in life, a witch as I die.

I call upon all guardians of earth,

to hold me strong in spirit and verse.

I ask of you, guardians of air,

to whisper the truth and carry mine there.

Guardians of fire, fuel my intent,

empower my magic, as it is sent.

To water I implore, my guardians here,

deliver my plea, without strife nor tear.

Of spirit within, and spirit without.

Release my fear, release my doubt.

Lord Son of sun, light my path.

Return my body to dust and ash.

Blessed Lady Luna, guide my way.

For others, my life, I gladly do pay.” 



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