As the wheel continues to turn we find ourselves nearing that time of year that is referred to in our house as my youngest sons birthday! However, most pagans celebrate it for what it represents; the first harvest.

Much celebration and gathering of the first crops as the whole community would take place at this time of year. Which brings me to thoughts regarding my writing.

I set about this project with high expectations of myself and with several goals in place. While the goal posts have changed somewhat, and continue to do so! The expectations I have placed upon myself have remained. I think this is something all writers are guilty of – punishing the self for not living up to other writers’ standards.

I have heard so many people say that they finished their novel in three months! How? I started this blog specifically aimed at The Way of Wytch, back in March, at the Equinox. I had a brief idea, that can only be loosely described as an outline, and told myself that the first draft would be written by July. What? I know, laughable, right!

I signed up to the A-Z challenge in the naive hope that the challenge would somehow carry me along on a wave of inspiration and graft. It did not! It tired me out. It left me feeling confused and flustered, so by the time Beltane (my wedding anniversary) came around, I was in no mood to celebrate by dancing around a May pole. I was ready to throw in the towel.

However, I had some wonderful comments and encouragement from you guys, and some friends, family included, and I chose to regroup.

Midsummer danced itself merrily into June, as the Green Man fought his way clear to rule once more, my posts here became less as my writing became more intense.

Here we are, at Lammas, ready for the first harvest. This is a time for me to check back on my writing, go through my scene beats and make sure they all follow on from one another, make changes where they are needed and tighten up some of the more magical aspects of Wytch. It’s not an edit – as I have no first draft yet. It’s more a pre-emptive strike, a harvest, to protect against possible bad weather…

What ever you are doing over the festival of lugnasad (or July 31st-August 2nd) make sure you eat and drink well, whilst being merry with friends and family.

*Be sure to check out the beer bread recipe on “EAT” under the Wytch Recipes pages.


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