Head Fog

How are you guys doing?

HUGE apologies for my absence in the last two weeks. I have no excuse for my lack of blogging – many reasons, but no excuse.

Lammas celebrations have come and gone, in that same week we celebrate my sons, my dads and my father-in-laws birthdays, so there is a lot of tea and cake – some might say too much – I am not one of them!

It is of course, also the summer holidays, which means lots of gardening, long walks, and basic tom foolery with the kids.

Finally, this last two weeks has been spent working with my old pals; pen and paper. I have been sorting out old stories, notebooks, sketched out ideas, and have been editing, rewriting and editing. Whilst cringing, throwing some bad ideas and stories, away.

It’s always good to have a thorough clear out – It’s good for the soul. It’s good to clear out the head fog. It is however, also tiring, so instead of working on Wytch and my blog, I’ve been hitting the Xbox to chill out.

Amid the chaos, I’ve collected several short stories from the archives, and am currently in the process of putting them together to form an anthology. Each of the stories have a sparkly gold thread running through, connecting them. These are stories that I wrote a while ago and it has been great revisiting them, sitting in the sunshine, reading and daydreaming. It’s a beautiful thing to while away those hot days, contemplating the things I love.

See. Plenty of reasons. No excuse. Huge apology.

I will be playing catch-up this week, so expect a couple of Wednesdays Wisdoms and Flash Fridays on maybe Tuesday or Thursday – Lol.




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