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If we were having coffee…

I have always loved meeting up with friends for a coffee. To kick back and relax with like minded people, who share my same sense of humour, similar interests, and differing view points on a myriad of issues.

When I read Gene ‘O’s post – If We Were having Coffee, I thought, what a great idea. We are all friends right? Virtually. So, to meet up for a virtual cup ‘o’ Joe with my virtual friends, seemed like a fun post to write, and a chance to connect with other bloggers and writers. Thank you Gene ‘O.

So… If we were having coffee…

I would have tea. I don’t like coffee. I’m terribly British, lol.

I would ask you how your week has been, making sure that you were well, and I would listen to all you had to say.

We would laugh – It is my most favourite thing to share; a giggle, a snort, a guffaw, a belly laugh.

We would talk about the people around us. I like to people watch, and I’m sure you do too.  Not nasty or malicious, just shooting the breeze and mapping out some ideas. I am obsessed with how people hold their cutlery, I don’t know why this is, or where it came from. Maybe it’s because my mum and sister are both lefties, and I’m right handed. They were my main influences as I learned to do things for myself, such as holding a knife and fork. I like to study people; the way they move, their hand gestures when they talk. I like to make up stories about them – Where did you come from and where might you be going? Who did you spend last night with? What do you keep in your heart locked away, hidden from the rest of us?

If we were having coffee (or tea), I would share with you my week:

I would tell you how proud I am of my eldest son, who has just learned that he passed his GCSE’s, achieving the results he needed for college in September, and even bagging himself an A. Pride of a child’s achievements can make you glow in a way that the beauty industry only wishes they could achieve!  He understood how important it was for him, no one else, to study and revise. We pushed him, of course we did. There was incentive, yes, sure. However, it’s his future, his goals and ambition, and his effort.

He worked damn hard, but also partied. Because no matter how important your goals, no matter how big your dreams, there is always time to party. Balance, my friends, balance. I am terribly Libran, lol.

I would show you the video of my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and tell you how damned cold it was, but how funny it was as well. Then, I would probably moan at how stupid I look in the video, with the big grin on my face, but also laugh at myself, at the same time.

If we were having coffee, I would lend you a book that I’ve recently read.  Kevin Brockmeier “The View From The Seventh Layer”, and tell you how my favourite story within it’s delectable pages was on page 110 entitled “The Human Soul As A Rube Goldberg Device: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-Story. Just like the old choose your own adventure books, make a decision and turn to the corresponding page to find out what happens next. Reader participation at it’s glorious best 🙂

I would then confide in you that I always carry around a very small copy of Virginia Woolf’s “Mrs Dalloway”.  She keeps me company, and, I am sure, you would have something to say about that!

If we were having coffee (or tea), I would suggest we also got cake, with a second cup. There is always time for cake. There is always time for one more cup of coffee.

Maybe, if we were lucky.

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