There is something that has been on my mind in recent weeks – this blog has turned into a bit of a mess!

There have been a few days when I have wanted to write a post, to share with you certain aspects of my life, my musings, my meanderings, only to stop and tell myself “that’s not relevant!”. Then, there have been other days, when I’ve written anyway – not many, I know, but still not relevant all the same.

I haven’t been working hard enough on my book, because other things have taken over my thoughts and, indeed my time. Summer holidays for the kids, my eldest awaiting exam results, the sun shining!

The Way of Wytch has turned into a bit of a Wednesdays Wisdom. This is simply not on. This blog is supposed to be about my writing, about Wytch. It’s supposed to be about her way, not mine…

I am deeply ashamed of my actions! Consider me told!

Over the last few days, I’ve got to thinking, why not just create another blog? Okay. That’s a lie. I’ve already created another blog.

From now on, The Way of Wytch is going to be all about work – writing, musings, ideas of where the story is headed, samples and excerpts.

But, what about me? Lol.

I have a new blog, thirty4ten, which I really do hope you’ll hop over to check out.

Thirty4ten is primarily about me, which will contain some of my thoughts and meanderings, but also writing.

I am in the process of moving some short stories over there. Stories that link in with each other, in the fact that they are all set in a fictional town, Tarnby Gate. They are all about love, hope, and strange happenings.

I will also be adding some samples of other writing too. It would be great if you followed me on that one and let me know what you think.

However, that blog will also contain posts that some might consider annoying. You know, like the Xbox, or my opinions about books that I’ve read, films that I’ve watched, there may even be photos of my dogs! Oh, God. I’m starting to think I might bore you all senseless. . .

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I write. I read. I am the Queen of procrastination. I drink tea. I laugh. I play Xbox. I am. View all posts by Saxton-Corner

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