Wednesdays Wisdom

If I were to say I had danced with the Devil…

If I were to ask what would you sell your soul to the Devil for?

Instantly, you would know, through history and religious culture, what it was that I was talking about.

I’ve pondered these, among other, statements for many years. If we are to believe that the Pagan God, the Horned God, Herne, was in fact the Devil of Christian belief, then surely our dancing with him is not foul or criminal, or an act of evil. We, as Pagans, would be dancing with our God.

I can not sell my soul to the Devil, for I gave it to him freely.




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5 responses to “Wednesdays Wisdom

  • mark

    Some very interesting thoughts that have lead me on an interesting journey of discovery. I would say that your statement “I can not sell my soul to the Devil, for I gave it to him freely.”, can’t be entirely true because of the notion of the Devil, which I know that Pagans do not view Herne as the Devil. And from what I gather Christians don’t view him as the Devil as such but have adopted the image as the personification of what their Devil was.
    I would be interested to know what their image of the Devil was beforehand or if even they had an idea of the Devil. The idea of the Devil comes late into Christianity in a way that doesn’t make sense.
    I now understand why Pagans are more than happy to embrace this image and I understand why you would say the statement that I previously mentioned, because it has an affect on Christians, a huge effect.
    I was aware of Christians subduing Paganism by building their churches on Pagan worship sites and by also taking their festivals but I was unaware of them using a Pagan God as an image for the Devil. It is quite unbelievable how much affect Christians have had on history and how they are able to change the meaning of words even, like Pagan which still to this day a lot of Christians would still take to mean non-believer.
    Unfortunately I was brought up Catholic (incidentally the word Catholic actually mean Universal and liberal… I know) but I managed to escape, but even before I did I was asking a lot of questions about things that made no sense, the main one being “Why eggs at Easter?”, and then I eventually worked it out. I wonder how many other Catholics have ever wondered the same thing.

    For a while I’ve been wanting to put a haiku on my blog, which I admit is mostly for the reason of annoying a few people and rattling a few cages…

    just before the Sun
    rising out of the mist –

    I presume that I would lose half my followers instantly, but I’m fine about that. Lucifer actually means bringer of light and was the name given to Venus which when it rises as a morning star always rises just before the Sun and appears to be a bringer of light. One day perhaps…

    Thanks for your excellent article which has given me much to think about and I like thinking so all is good, take care and be happy,


    • Saxton-Corner

      Wow! Your comment is longer than the blog – Lol. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. My post was supposed to be more tongue in cheek than anything, but yes, it can start people thinking. As a Pagan, I don’t consider my God to be a representation of the Devil, however, those who are not Pagan do sometimes make that judgement. Therefore I suppose it was more of an address to those, and certainly wasn’t intended to piss off the Christian community – I have many friends of many faiths and beliefs and I consider each of them as important and significant as my own. Of course, this blog started as a platform for my book “The Way of Wytch” and a central part of that story is the changing of the belief system, which always inspires my Wednesdays Wisdom posts. So, thank you again for commenting, and merry meet again.


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