Down the Rabbit Hole

I guess you could call me Alice this last couple of weeks. I’ve been on a bit of side mission.

*Laughs at silly video game reference! One of my favourite games on Xbox was Alice: Madness returns I don’t think I’m mad though!

I’ve been meditating an awful lot. I think it happens mostly in life when you experience one of the big celebrations or turning points; births, weddings, deaths, divorce, moves, etc.

From previous posts, you will note that a friend of ours recently passed over to spirit. I hadn’t spoken or seen her in a while, and I wish I had have got the chance to visit – Alas, life kind of gets in the way sometimes.

However, her passing threw an old eclectic gaggle of witches back together (yes, Wolf Maiden I hear you laughing!) and I realised with a great sadness that we stopped seeing each other. We ceased in our gatherings and magical meetings for no other reason than life getting in the way. I suppose this is the way of the solitary witch. But I’m not built for solitary witching. Of course, I can and do work alone, I began that way at aged 13 – too damn scared to come out of the Broom closet at that age. However as I grew up, I met more and more like minded people, and learned how much fun it is and how much more potent the magic is when crafting is shared between two or more witches – all focused and intent on the same goal.

I have decided to meet the old gal pals more than I have over the years. Not necessarily to work with them, but certainly to catch up and laugh with them – funerals are funny aren’t they? We laughed so much, more than we cried in fact, and I think that serves our friends memory well. She laughed A LOT.

So… fast forward to after the funeral. I got to thinking. Why don’t I have that magical group energy in my life any more? Where did my coven go? I say coven; I used to teach, I used to have many groups with students of the craft, and I called them my coven. I had a few – I used to be a coven collector!

In my thinking, I got to meditating on some important issues that I realise now, I had been ignoring!

I’ve followed some interesting signs, signs that can not be ignored. Signs that have been huge and neon, and address me by name – They really can not be ignored!

And, while I apologise to you, dear bloggers and readers for not writing my book and keeping up with my posts here (again!!) there is something bigger I have to work on at this moment in time. Once balanced though, I promise to do better.

Just as soon as I can figure out where the Mad Hatter is. It’s following a rabbit that got me here, down this hole. No cake though… I’m not amused!


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