Which Witch Blog-Hop

After much debate and discussion, I have decided to start a blog-hop for the month of October.

I would like to invite everyone, and anyone who has something to say on the matter, regarding their spiritual and religious belief…

I know that this can be a dangerous ground to walk upon, and I do hope that everyone who joins will tread carefully. I don’t want any hurtful words or malicious comments. Granted, we all have our opinions, this is basically what I’m asking of you for this Hop, your opinion.

Many people in my Pagan community, walk different paths, some of them the same as mine but mostly, they differ. Recently there has been some speculation, yet again, about whether a witch can call herself/himself a witch if they haven’t been initiated into the craft. This is the subject matter. What makes you a witch. Which witch are you?

Having said that I also invite, and indeed welcome, others from different faiths to contribute to this Hop. What are your views on what makes someone a witch. How does the belief system differ to your own. Do you really know what it is that we’re about? Do we know what you’re about?

I have a great deal of friends who, although they hear me speak about my belief, are still a little unsure about what that actually means to me and my life.

Appropriately for us, it is October, and the season of the final harvest is upon us once more.

Halloween, or Samhain is a greater Sabbat, celebrated not just for the earth cycle, but for ancestral knowledge and honouring the spirits of those who have passed on before us – when winter itself is initiated.

I’m going to split the month into two halves. The first half running from now until the 17th of October, with the topic being “What makes a Witch a Witch?” or “Which Witch”

The second half of the month, 18th – 31st, with the topic continuing. I hope it will continue into a bigger topic about what we’ve all learned about each other. I think this part of the Hop will be a group led from the posts we read…

I will be placing the rules on a sticky post, but for now:

  1. Place the badge on your blog/post, so others will know the who and the why.
  2. Write your post “Which Witch Blog Hop” Use the tag #Which Witch Blog Hop. So people will be able to find you if searching in the Reader.
  3. Please be mindful of others. Play nice – I really don’t want to see any hurtful comments, generalisations, sexism or racism. We each have as much right as the next person to write about our own feelings and emotions and our own faith and beliefs.
  4. When you’re done, link back to me by commenting on this post. I will then put all the blog addresses on a separate page for you all to refer to.
  5. Comment. Comment. Comment! We are all bloggers and we all like to have followers and likes. Who doesn’t like to receive comments? Therefore share the love. Also, please make sure your comments and like buttons are available for others too.
  6. Any problems? Email me at wytchway@yahoo.co.uk

Here’s your badge!

Which Witch Badge


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