Wednesdays Wisdom

Wednesdays Wisdom, this week, comes from the full moon of October.

I’m sad I didn’t get to see the beauty of the Blood Moon as it eclipsed in the sky over in Asia and America. Over here in the UK, we get the full moon tomorrow night. No eclipse. I did see some great pictures though, and videos too. If you’re over in the States or Asia, I hope you saw a beautiful sight.

Here’s to the wisdom of the (standard) October full moon.

I’ll be scrying with my obsidian mirror with a purple candle to guide my vision. October full moons are always my favourite. I love October anyway. The colours, the fact that it’s my birthday (and my mums!) but also because anything to do with the ancestors gets my full attention, and this is the main aspect of the October full moon. For me, anyway.



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