While I was away

October is always a busy month for me, therefore my blogging duties have fallen by the wayside, and for that I apologise.

However, I am ready now to catch up with all the reading I’ve missed out on, and all the posts I need to write, especially where the blog-hop is concerned, as it finishes this Friday.

A little while ago, one of my lovely blog friends, Ramblings on the Wall, suggested I did a serial where Wytch was concerned. I chewed this over for a while, how should I do that, could I add a download button or should I just add a chapter each week as a separate post or page – would the word count be too long? I pondered.

I came to the decision, that instead of writing the book and uploading the whole thing week by week, I would do a series of short stories set in Dagda Mead, that somehow interconnect with the actual book. This way, I’ll still be sharing my writing, and connecting to other writers through WordPress, whilst not pressuring myself to write the book for the sake of a blog post. It needs time and focus. Of late, I haven’t had much of either. Yet, it is still something close to my heart, with the characters clawing their way through my mind and pleading with me to just get writing.

On to other people and their writing. Notes Tied on the Sage Brush has written her second part of the Which Witch Blog-hop, and has also added a new piece of fiction too, for the Tipsy Lit Flash Fiction Contest, Chronicle of Aine.  It would be great if you could hop over for a read 🙂

With all the new tools for my silversmithing I have recently purchased, I’ve been steadily working and trying to build up some stock for an etsy shop, so that has been a bit of a priority recently, as well as having a good old closet clear out. I always do a big turf out before Samhain, it’s good for the soul 🙂

Anyway, I hope you are all well – I will be catching up on my reading from you guys over the next couple of days, and promise to be a better blogger. Actually, I’ll promise to try. Blessings, Michelle. x


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