Wednesdays Wisdom

It’s number 22 of Wednesdays Wisdom, fadically added this equals four.

Four is the number of Mercury, and Mercury also rules this fair day Wednesday.

Four is practical, it is order and organised, four rules traditional values and honesty.

The number four is also the number of the archangels:


Can't stop laughing at this!

Not practical, not structured or traditional. But hey, it’s only the number of this post.

I am however, organised, and honest – this was written on a Tuesday.

Enjoy yourselves, be happy, and stop hitting yourself.


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5 responses to “Wednesdays Wisdom

  • joannesisco

    For me, the most significant message in here was ‘stop hitting yourself’. That image of the archangel will be stuck in my head for a while πŸ™‚

    Because I live in a very Chinese area, I’m influenced by many of their beliefs. One of them is the #4.
    They avoid the #4 since apparently in Chinese its symbol – or sound (can’t remember which) – is similar to that of death. Much like we might avoid the #13.
    I have not seen a Chinese person with a 4 in their car license plate or living at an address with a 4 in it.


    • Saxton-Corner

      Now that is fascinating! Is it because the 4 is essentially cutting the power of a number 8 in half? I know that 8 is an auspicious number, but never looked into the meanings of the others. Now I will have to, lol. Thanks so much for sharing that.
      As for the message of the angel; absolutely, we all need to be reminded to stop hitting ourselves sometimes πŸ™‚


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