Wednesdays Wisdom


Many years ago I was told by a palmist, or fortune teller as he called himself, that I had an important voice.
He said I was meant to be someone. When I questioned him as to what, exactly, that meant.
He simply smiled.
I walked away, annoyed, and feeling as though I had been “duped”.

A few years later, another gentleman, a spiritualist, a gentle and kind man, told me something similar. He, however, validated to me a few aspects of my life that ordinarily no one could have known.
The second man gave me proof that spirit is around us, he showed me how me to listen.

I am eternally grateful for all the gifts I receive from spirit, small and large.

And yet.
And yet, I continue to seek.
I have never received a reading as amazing or as accurate as the second man’s since.
Funny, as I would still love to know what the first man meant: what it is I am here to do.

Of course, sometimes the mystery of not knowing is enough.


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3 responses to “Wednesdays Wisdom

  • joannesisco

    It may be that you will never know.

    For my entire life I’m been searching for my *passion*, trying to discover that “thing” that will define my life. One day, in a more lucid moment, it occurred to me that the perpetual seeking … exploration and discovery … actually describes me very well. My curiosity IS my passion.

    In the same way, perhaps your voice – your actions and words – will inspire people in ways you will never know.


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