The Wytch in Me


We are all magical beings in our own right.

I have come across countless people who have been spiritually lost, alone, fearful or conflicted. During my teaching days, and as a counselor/spiritual advisor, I met some wonderful people and made new friends and helped many find their own path. For this, I have felt blessed. In The Way of Wytch, I hope to create not only an adventure about magic and faith, but also to help those who are in need of a bit of direction in finding their path.

For myself, I first took an interest when I was 13, a lucky number!

I dabbled in tarot cards thinking I was some kind of dark witch, as only teenagers can. Instead of dark magics, I learned beauty within the rich symbolism and use of colour within those cards. I researched into the story the tarot tell and found that it’s symbolism, it’s magical language, was based around and within so many other things.

From here, I discovered a Colin Wilson book The Occult. May be a strange book for a child of thirteen to read, but it set me on my road to all things right (for me!) I discovered so much about myself: I am from the stars, a child of the universe, my body works in tune with the moon, I have extraordinary abilities if I were to just tap into them. I learned about Paganism, Wicca especially, and learned what it was to be a witch.

I continued to study all through my life, and nearly 30 years later, still do.  The spiritual, the magical, the mundane all weave together as beautifully as the Maiden, Mother, Crone.

It is through “The Way of Wytch” that I am hoping to tell a story that is steeped in pagan history and belief, but one that also adds more than just a dash of magic through the characters who all have varying degrees of magical ability, or spiritual belief.


My interest in writing has been with me for as long as I can remember. As a child in Infant school, I first put pen to paper in a backward movement, trying to mimic the way my Mum and Sister held their pens – They are both left handed, I’m right handed: this led to some confusion.

With the most beautiful and patient teacher, Miss Bird, I eagerly learnt how to hold my pen and form the letters and words from left to right.

Reading too, has always been an important factor in my life. From stories read to me as a child, to stories created with friends and at school, to reading alone for escape and for knowledge. I am an eternal student. I enjoy learning new things and I am one of those rare creatures who like to research. Everything.

After my own studying of the metaphysical and spirituality, I began to teach. This included, among other things, writing training manuals and simple handouts. From notes which aided practical sessions to manuals about the course they were undertaking and even simple meditations that my students wanted copies of to take home and try.

While I have always dabbled in writing fiction, I only began writing fantasy three years ago, when asked by a friend to co-author a book with her. It is a long and steady process, rich in it’s history of religion, political structure and creation. That has been a catalyst for me, and I feel ready to begin a new fantasy of my own that has bubbled in the cauldron of my mind for some time now.

Previously I have written about magic in the mundane world – That is to say about love, strange happenings of coincidence and synchronicities, relationships and nature. Now, I feel the Wytch in me is finally allowing her creative mind to fly freely, and write about the real magics in the fantasy world of fiction.


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