Behind The Way of Wytch

The Way of Wytch is an idea for a fantasy novel.

It’s concept has grown from my own roots in Paganism, through time and with gentle persuasion from it’s characters as they wriggled their way to the forefront of my mind.Combined with an outrageous backdrop of my sisters making, it has evolved into a story based in another time and place.

As I find it extremely difficult to blog and publicly write on a daily basis about my life or my story telling – One reason being the fear of other people actually reading any of my work (God forbid!) Another reason being that I simply love pen and paper, the tangible line of inky words scratched upon any surface that is remotely like that of paper.

Sentences with scrawls and underlines and scribbled sketches. Notebooks containing scraps of paper, envelopes, napkins even. Those things I can simply take hold of in my hands and create something, instead of having to press a button, wait, remember a password, wait, type, delete, repeat.

I was then told about the A-Z blog challenge in April, and I began to think: well, if I can change my writing habits and commit to this daily challenge, I may grow from it. Could I show some of my work? Dare I?

As some of my characters have proved to me to possess nerves of steel, as they have had to battle against adversity, being brave even though they were fearful. I too will take a leap of faith and step into the wide blue yonder.

So I will begin with the letter A on the first day of April in this challenge that is not only one of the blogging kind, but is also one of bravery and commitment. I do it with faith, I do it with a desire to change and grow. Hopefully I will do it with a little bit of magic.

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