Magical Oils

A diffuser oil to infuse the room with harmony!

3 Mood-Boosting DIY Essential Oil Blends for Your Diffuser | The Prairie Homestead















The following recipes are taken from “The Real Witches Kitchen” by Kate West.

This book, along with “The Real Witches Garden” also by Kate West, were given to me as a gift by one of my students and both books have so many wonderful recipes and tips in, they are definitely worth purchasing – Even if they are a little old now…

Esbat Oil.

For personal anointing before a full moon ritual.

2 drops of Frankincense

2 drops of Rosemary

1 drop of Jasmine

1 drop of Sandalwood

Sabbat Oil

For personal anointing before any of the eight sabbats.

3 drops of Frankincense

2 drops of Myrrh

2 drops of sandalwood

1 drop of Cinnamon

Goddess Oil

Use for personal or for candle anointing when invoking the Goddess.

2 drops of Jasmine

2 drops of Myrrh

1 drop of Rose

God Oil

Use for personal or candle anointing to honour the God

2 drops of sandalwood

2 drops of Orange

1 drop of Cinnamon


On top of using these oils, for myself and with my group, I created a beautiful moisturiser that honoured the Goddess. It whips up like a soufflé, and makes your skin feel soft and silky.

Goddess Soufflé

50ml of an unscented base moisturiser, I use a vitamin E cream from Superdrug which is very cheap (£2.99 for 475ml) Mix together with:

4 drops of Jasmine

2 drops of Geranium

2 drops of Rose

Apply to the body after bathing and bask in the glow.

I hope you enjoy these recipes. If you try any of them, I would love to know what you think!

Apologies to my friends out there who aren’t in the UK, I only have knowledge of creams, shops and prices for Blighty!

But, if you know where you can get it all elsewhere, drop the info in the comments for others, thanks! )o(



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