You’ll find a list of links here of all participants.

*Coming as and when I receive the links 🙂

First link for you all to follow on the Which Witch hop is from Rose Laden Magdalene 

This wonderful post by The Wayfaring Otter offers his opinion on Druidism and his own journey.

While my big sister who wanted to be a nun when she was a kid gives us the low down on her belief at Steampooka

Head on over to Not Quite Wicked for a personal insight into a Kitchen Witches life. There are several posts regarding this topic, which I think are all worth a read.

This post is a piece of fiction which I think beautifully captures a little bit of Celtic magic, visit Notes Tied on the Sage Brush

And for a humorous reference to witches in pop culture go to When my Brain Farts 

Which Witch Badge

This article on Wicca, Gerald Gardner and the answer regarding initiation, is well worth a read:

An interesting article on the hoax of Wicca and Gerald Gardner:

Books of note about Wicca, are by the authors such as Gardner himself,

Doreen Valiente,

Scott Cunningham,

Rae Beth,

Raymond Buckland,

Eilleen Holland.

To name only a few.

As with anything, any religion, any spiritual path; Stay safe. Always do your research, check the background of a person or group if possible. Go with a friend or two to new meetings. Make sure someone knows where you are going, with whom, and at what time you’ll be home.

I’m not paranoid, but I am careful!



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