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This Time, it’s Personal

How are you all doing?

I thought I would have a post today about my hair!

I know – nothing to do with Wytch, nothing to do with anything really.

Sometimes, however, things just make me laugh. Which makes me want to share.

Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis thing, trying desperately to keep a hold on to a little of the attitude I used to have. You know, before kids came along.

Anyway… When I left school, I got an apprenticeship at a hair salon. A YTS (youth training scheme) I trained at college and worked in the salon; I got paid £29.50. Yep, them were days…

The only thing I actually liked about hairdressing was the colouring aspect and the fact that I got my hair done for free most weeks.

There was also that possibility, that some one, some day, would walk in with hair down to their knees and exclaim: “I’m so weary of carrying these heavy locks around with me all the time. Cut them off. Cut them all off at once!” (I know – no one really talks like that!)

It never happened. So, it was just me as a guinea pig for everyone else. Then came the point that I had no hair left to cut. It was in fact, already shaved at the back with just a tiny spike on top, so colour was the only thing left to do.

I tried everything I possibly could. I loved the possibilities, all the little tubes of colour lined up, ready to mix and match. There were SO many different colours I could experiment with: I had blonde, black, brown, copper, canary yellow, orange, blue I think at one point, and all the reds on the spectrum. Not all at once. Okay, occasionally all at once. 🙂 I even had green! Although, that was an accident and only stayed for an hour.

My hairdresser these days (actually for a long time now) gets the chance to colour my hair only rarely. I’m too busy, the kids have all my money etc.

But she got the chance today to cut it all off.

I get bored some times, today was it. So, I had my appointment at 11:00 and told her “Cut it off. Cut it all off!”

So she did!

She put it in a pony tail and snip – gone! We always wanted to try that. (I think that’s about 9-10 inches of pony tail.)

Awesome fun.


Thankfully, she didn’t leave it like that. We kept on cutting, we had a plan, and a style in mind. (Thank you Rhona!)

When I got home, I got a little bit crazy with the bleach and the purple.

I never had purple before. I felt it needed to be done, and there are so many amazing colours on the shelves now-a-days, that I couldn’t leave it out. Could I?

Sincere apologies for the terrible picture. I was trying to instruct my youngest how the camera on my phone works, and he just kept on snapping. I am not a photogenic person and cringe when having to have my pics taken. But, still I share with you. Only because it’s freaking purple!

Enjoy your week and think happy thoughts.



A Little Over a Month

Bad blogger!

Bad, bad blogger!

It’s been a little over a month since my last post, and I have to say, once more, I’m sorry.

It’s not that I don’t feel it, or that I’m intentionally ignoring you, it’s just the physical act of booting this laptop up and having to wait a century for it to actually follow my orders is taking its toll.

I have been reading all of your blogs, however not commenting (Bad Bogger!!). This is due to the weirdness of my phone not connecting to the internet properly. Did I tell you already how crap I am with technology? Lol.

I hope it all changes soon. My phone contract ended last month and I asked for them to disconnect me, I took a pack number – or is it pac? I was supposed to find myself a new contract. It disconnects on Monday. I still haven’t found a new phone.

I also need a laptop. I have told you so many times now how terrible this machine is, in fact I think it began failing way back in April during the A-Z. I still haven’t found a new laptop.

Both my children have been sorted out with new computers and phones, so I know it’s not really a problem in looking for the right machine with the right specs and at the right price. I think it’s just a typical mum thing. Kids get sorted first, mum limps on regardless. However in the new year, I will be getting my act together! The limping has to stop.

This was finally realised mainly due to the road bump I hit during NaNoWriMo. The first week went swimmingly. I hit 20k and felt confident with the changes that were unfolding as I wrote. I kept going.

Then, my laptop started to misbehave, and I lost the will to turn it on. I continued to write with my lovely paper and ink. Notebooks and pens felt shiny and new again after a time without them. Nevertheless, the laptop needed to be cranked for me to transfer inky words to type.

This is when I discovered that I can’t write any more… None of the words made sense, hell, I couldn’t even distinguish the form of some (ok, most) letters. My writing has turned into an illegible scrawl of a doctors prescription. It is the literary version of  a wonky wheel on a shopping trolley. Aimless. Difficult. Wandering. (It suits my limp I suppose!)

I still finished NaNo. Thankfully. But, unless I manage to find an amazing new laptop for less than the cost of a calligraphy course I won’t be involved in next years writing marathon.

After my tantrums of “hating technology” and “sucking at writing” I needed time away. So I withdrew into the world of Far Cry 4 on the Xbox. As far as procrastination is concerned, this has been the most fun. But I should get on now.

I will be a better blogger.

Happy writing! 🙂


Two Wolves

I found this pin on my most visited site that is Pinterest… And, it has to be said I laughed out loud.

The story of the two wolves always intrigued me as a kid. I’ve got wolves inside me? I have to feed one? What happens to the other one, will it die? Oh my God, I’ve got to kill a wolf?


Hell yeah! Let’s keep them both alive and kicking.




Down the Rabbit Hole

I guess you could call me Alice this last couple of weeks. I’ve been on a bit of side mission.

*Laughs at silly video game reference! One of my favourite games on Xbox was Alice: Madness returns I don’t think I’m mad though!

I’ve been meditating an awful lot. I think it happens mostly in life when you experience one of the big celebrations or turning points; births, weddings, deaths, divorce, moves, etc.

From previous posts, you will note that a friend of ours recently passed over to spirit. I hadn’t spoken or seen her in a while, and I wish I had have got the chance to visit – Alas, life kind of gets in the way sometimes.

However, her passing threw an old eclectic gaggle of witches back together (yes, Wolf Maiden I hear you laughing!) and I realised with a great sadness that we stopped seeing each other. We ceased in our gatherings and magical meetings for no other reason than life getting in the way. I suppose this is the way of the solitary witch. But I’m not built for solitary witching. Of course, I can and do work alone, I began that way at aged 13 – too damn scared to come out of the Broom closet at that age. However as I grew up, I met more and more like minded people, and learned how much fun it is and how much more potent the magic is when crafting is shared between two or more witches – all focused and intent on the same goal.

I have decided to meet the old gal pals more than I have over the years. Not necessarily to work with them, but certainly to catch up and laugh with them – funerals are funny aren’t they? We laughed so much, more than we cried in fact, and I think that serves our friends memory well. She laughed A LOT.

So… fast forward to after the funeral. I got to thinking. Why don’t I have that magical group energy in my life any more? Where did my coven go? I say coven; I used to teach, I used to have many groups with students of the craft, and I called them my coven. I had a few – I used to be a coven collector!

In my thinking, I got to meditating on some important issues that I realise now, I had been ignoring!

I’ve followed some interesting signs, signs that can not be ignored. Signs that have been huge and neon, and address me by name – They really can not be ignored!

And, while I apologise to you, dear bloggers and readers for not writing my book and keeping up with my posts here (again!!) there is something bigger I have to work on at this moment in time. Once balanced though, I promise to do better.

Just as soon as I can figure out where the Mad Hatter is. It’s following a rabbit that got me here, down this hole. No cake though… I’m not amused!

Drawing Down the Moon

Happy, happy, Moonday 😉

Are you drawing down the moon tomorrow night? Tonight?

Will you be casting circle? raising energy with dancing or singing, perhaps chanting?

Will you be crafting a spell or a charm?

While the moon is full, I am going to making some anointing bars.

Ooh. Anointing bars?

This is a great idea, I discovered from a fellow blogger, who gives instructions on this this simple and lovely technique. (Link below)

I’m using Lotus and Rose mixed in with a little beeswax, and some apple blossom to honour the Goddess. I’m really looking forward to seeing the results. I think a few gifts for friends might be made along with my own too.

So instead of worrying about oils leaking into my bag as I carry them around, I can have a bar (or two) to hand. No mess, no fuss!

I can’t believe I never thought of this myself!

You can find this fabulous idea here:

Where Spirit Stops




Magical Floor Sweeps

I do love the besoms many uses, so here a few tricks for you and your broom.

The Mental Health Witch


Brooms have been a symbol of witchcraft for centuries. There are many magical uses of the broom. Sweep from east to west rids a home of negativity. Sweeping in a clockwise position around you creates a powerful protection circle. And then of course there are floor sweeps. Basically, what you do is take about a quarter cup of mixed herbs for your desired purpose and mix with either baking soda for cleansing, banishing or hex breaking or cornstarch/ corn meal for prosperity. Then you sprinkle the mixture around your home and if possible leave it over night. Then starting at your front door sweep towards the center of your home if you are trying to draw something to you. For this you may dispose of the sweep in a respectful way like burying it by your front door or adding it to your compost pile. If you are trying to…

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I am a Witch

I am a witch.

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