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Which Witch Blog-Hop 2

Today marks the final day for the Which Witch blog hop. Up until now, I haven’t really had time to post anything. Leaving it until the last minute has always been my forte!

It’s the 31st. Yay. Halloween, or as we call it – Samhain.

Where the veil between the worlds is thin and we can commune with our ancestors, and light their path. We can make mischief too, or protect our homes from others who want to make mischief – Mash potato on the gate posts ward away the malevolent spirits, yes, I said mashed potato!

It’s been fun trying out a blog-hop, but something that I probably won’t do again on my own. Sure, I’ll take part in them, as I have discovered some new blogs which I may not have otherwise stumbled across, but it was a tad tricksy trying to figure it all out. I’ll leave it up to the pro’s from now on.

I do want to say thank you to all of you who took part, your posts were very informative and creative.

While I learned that the word “wicca” wasn’t actually coined by Gerald Gardener himself (it was Doreen Valiente, who was one of his initiates), I mostly learned that it doesn’t matter what we call ourselves. Most people now are familiar with Paganism and we are no longer persecuted for our faith – in the mainstream that is. Also, there are more people out there who follow a Pagan path without actually knowing it.

As for which witch is which? As long as it harms none, it really doesn’t matter.

Here are the bloggers who participated, with a post or two:


The Wayfaring Otter 

Not Quite Wicked

Rose Laden Magdalene 

Notes Tied on the Sage Brush 

When my Brain Farts

Thanks again guys – You’re all great. And, I hope I didn’t mis anyone off – Let me know in the comments if I did, and I’ll add you. x


Which Witch Blog Hop

I’m absolutely thrilled that there has been a response to the blog hop. It’s the first one I’ve tried to organise and wasn’t sure if I was doing it right! So here are a couple of links of those who have so far taken part, I would love it if you would take a moment to read them and maybe comment too. I know time is precious, and the blogs keep us all busy in our already busy lives, but I think they are worth reading as I’ve discovered some things about other people that helps me with my own belief. Which, in itself, makes me a happy bunny!

Here they are:

The Rose Laden Magdalene

The Wayfaring Otter


However, with the deadline for this part of the hop not until the 17th of October, please do check my page “Blog Hop” as I will add more posts from others as and when they appear. They are all titled Which Witch Blog Hop, and will all be tagged as such too.

Now, for my own Which Witch.

Which Witch Badge

I was twelve years old when I found my way into witchcraft. It was 1984.

That’s 31 years. I have been a Pagan witch for nearly thirty of them, having settled on the craft as my spiritual home easily and quite quickly.

During those years, I have danced a little with spiritualism, I’ve gone to church, I’ve visited temples of one form or another. I like to learn what others believe in. I like to be informed. During those times, I have also had my faith tested and I’ve turned from it, especially during dark times. Those times when you need your faith even more.

I always found my way back. My way home. Back to the old path. I call it the old path, as you’ve probably heard others call it, because to me, it is an ancient belief system. Stretching back through time and space from the Shamans. Native Americans, Inca, Egyptians, of course, the Vikings, and more recently Wicca.

It is the word Wicca. The whole reason for me doing this blog hop. Can you be a Wiccan if you weren’t initiated into the craft by a coven?

The simple answer is of course No. Wicca is a word created by a man, Gerald Gardner in the 1950’s, which is derived from *wica and *wice. The male and female for witch. Basically, he took the word wica, added another c and developed a religion.

*words that seem to be lacking in definition over the years, I seem to recall them being of Anglo-Saxon origin.

So, in actual fact unless you have been initiated into the craft of Wicca, you can’t really call yourself a Wiccan, can you!

Gardner says he was initiated in 1939 by the New Forest Coven. however, there is no concrete proof of this, and as he was already involved in his own studies in the old religion previous to this year, I feel there are too many holes in the story. Some of the history is lacking. However, according to GG, a true Wiccan (remember it’s his word) can only be so if they are initiated into the craft, his craft, by a coven member and to his rules.

His rules for Wicca, are quite simple. Everything is secret unless you are accepted into the fold. His fold. His way. Personally, I think the man was a pervert.

Sorry. Just an opinion.

If I want to learn about the secrets of the earth, the universe, life, death, and rebirth, I’m going to try my hardest to seek the answers. However, I don’t feel it necessary to strip myself naked, shag some bloke, play with my faeces, don a hood and chant in Latin. These are initiations deemed worthy by GG to enter into the club.

Don’t get me wrong, this is history, history that changed witchcraft and the opinions regarding this beautiful religion. Gardner’s Wicca went mainstream, it spread like wildfire throughout England and America, and introduced so many people to the faith and helped so many people. He took something that was hidden and secret that would have quite possibly remained that way. He gave it a new name, devoted his life work to it, and taught others so that they may teach others.

I just think he went about it the wrong way. Whilst allowing the world to learn and understand, and finally accept, this old world religion, he created a divide. A divide among witches.

While the Wiccan is only allowed to be used by those chosen few, you can still call yourself a Wician.

Yeah! Let’s be pedantic.

Let’s be that bloody minded. If you say you’re Wiccan, yet haven’t been initiated into Gardner’s club, then others will say you’re wrong, that you’re not a true witch. Really. There isn’t enough trouble through religions across the globe on a daily basis, of one extreme or another, are we really going to be that pedantic? Are we?

With all the confusion around Paganism already, there has to be fighting within the circle as well?

Here it is simplified:

Paganism is an earth based religion. It is old. Ancient. It is within, and at the very root of All religions. It can be followed back, depending on the branch within Paganism, to the Shaman. It can be traced back throughout the world in all its rich culture and beliefs: The Incas, The Egyptians, The Vikings, Native Americans, The Greeks, Romans, Celts and more. It is as old as the earth. Because it is the earth. The natural order of the earth, the animals that dwell upon it and the seas that crash against its shores.

Paganism is an umbrella term for the many different paths of various magical beliefs. In fact, the word Pagan wasn’t used until religious persons began to describe the non-believers. The heathens, the atheist and the infidel. The range of beliefs beneath this Pagan umbrella are just as diverse as the religions and faiths that don’t fall under it.

Whilst there are a great many practices including Wicca, Druidism, Shamans and Eclectics, this is the crux of it:

If you believe in the turning of the years wheel.

If you honour your ancestors.

If you believe there is something beyond the human and physical world.

If you pray or meditate to a universal source that is both within and without your physical body.

If you believe in balance, equality, love, and trust for all beings.

If you honour yourself by seeking knowledge and aspire to better yourself, and to help others.

Then, you are probably Pagan. Most definitely in my book.

If, in addition to the above:

You honour the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

You practice magic in the form of intentionally focusing energy.

If you have studied or are studying the various meanings and uses of herbs, colours, numbers, signs and symbols, animals, etc.

If you look to the Moon, the Sun, and the Stars for answers of a spiritual nature.

Then, you are probably a witch. It is the way you do these things that will make you a particular kind of witch.

And, after all of this.

Does it really matter?

If you practice magic or not, we are all on the same journey with no destination set, travelling through space and time on a great big rock.

And if that’s the case, whatever your belief; enjoy the ride.

As long as you harm none – Do what thou will.

Which Witch Blog Hop Rules

  1. Write a post with the title “Which Witch Blog Hop” What it means to you to be a witch, and any differences you know about with other Pagan branches. If you are of any other religion or belief, we invite you to write about what you think about witches and how it corresponds and differs with your faith.
  2. Copy and paste the badge and display it on your post.
  3. Tag your post #Which Witch Blog Hop.
  4. Post before the 17th October – The second half of this hop will be after the 17th, ending on the 31st.
  5. When you’ve written your post, link back to me and we can all hop over to each others blogs and hopefully, learn something new about ourselves and each other!

Which Witch Badge

Which Witch Blog-Hop

After much debate and discussion, I have decided to start a blog-hop for the month of October.

I would like to invite everyone, and anyone who has something to say on the matter, regarding their spiritual and religious belief…

I know that this can be a dangerous ground to walk upon, and I do hope that everyone who joins will tread carefully. I don’t want any hurtful words or malicious comments. Granted, we all have our opinions, this is basically what I’m asking of you for this Hop, your opinion.

Many people in my Pagan community, walk different paths, some of them the same as mine but mostly, they differ. Recently there has been some speculation, yet again, about whether a witch can call herself/himself a witch if they haven’t been initiated into the craft. This is the subject matter. What makes you a witch. Which witch are you?

Having said that I also invite, and indeed welcome, others from different faiths to contribute to this Hop. What are your views on what makes someone a witch. How does the belief system differ to your own. Do you really know what it is that we’re about? Do we know what you’re about?

I have a great deal of friends who, although they hear me speak about my belief, are still a little unsure about what that actually means to me and my life.

Appropriately for us, it is October, and the season of the final harvest is upon us once more.

Halloween, or Samhain is a greater Sabbat, celebrated not just for the earth cycle, but for ancestral knowledge and honouring the spirits of those who have passed on before us – when winter itself is initiated.

I’m going to split the month into two halves. The first half running from now until the 17th of October, with the topic being “What makes a Witch a Witch?” or “Which Witch”

The second half of the month, 18th – 31st, with the topic continuing. I hope it will continue into a bigger topic about what we’ve all learned about each other. I think this part of the Hop will be a group led from the posts we read…

I will be placing the rules on a sticky post, but for now:

  1. Place the badge on your blog/post, so others will know the who and the why.
  2. Write your post “Which Witch Blog Hop” Use the tag #Which Witch Blog Hop. So people will be able to find you if searching in the Reader.
  3. Please be mindful of others. Play nice – I really don’t want to see any hurtful comments, generalisations, sexism or racism. We each have as much right as the next person to write about our own feelings and emotions and our own faith and beliefs.
  4. When you’re done, link back to me by commenting on this post. I will then put all the blog addresses on a separate page for you all to refer to.
  5. Comment. Comment. Comment! We are all bloggers and we all like to have followers and likes. Who doesn’t like to receive comments? Therefore share the love. Also, please make sure your comments and like buttons are available for others too.
  6. Any problems? Email me at

Here’s your badge!

Which Witch Badge

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