“An’ it harm none, do what ye will.”

Anything found on my blog, you are entitled to use freely.

However, those words that are shown in italics and bold font are of my own intellectual property and will be used within my written work of The Way of Wytch, therefore if they are used, please credit my name, and add a link to this site. They are works bound by copyright laws.

On top of this, I have tried to find the original source of all pictures I have used, those pictures that aren’t credited, have been found from sites such as Pinterest where the source is sometimes lost. If you do come across one of your pictures and it isn’t credited, please message me with a link and I will be sure to add your name and a link.

Anything that is considered Pagan, Wiccan, of Norse mythology and spiritual learnings (including those not mentioned), within these pages, I have studied, and have studied for over thirty years.

Those posts and comments regarding the nature of these religions and spiritual learnings are my own interpretations, my own opinions, and my own versions taken from such studies.

They have been carefully and lovingly crafted for my own personal magics, I share them gladly, but can not take any responsibility of your undertakings. They have not been trialled or scientifically tested.

Further more, I hold absolutely no responsibility of any reaction and personal opinions of others. My actions are my own, my reactions are my own, as are yours. This included comments left by my visitors to this site, in moderating the comments, I do try to allow all opinions, but will not allow comments that are considered judgemental or hateful to any other persons sex, race, creed, or spiritual belief.

In the case of essential oils, herbs, food or drink recipes, I can take no responsibility for either.

I am not an aromatherapist, nor am I a nutritionist.

I gather data, I trial the recipes given to me, and create my own, crafted specifically for myself and those who are close to me. So, please seek a true and correct consultation with an aromatherapist or dietician before trying any of them, if you are unsure.

That being said, I offer all opinions and writing, recipes and ideas to all who are open to them. I hope and trust that if you do use anything within these pages, you do so with an open mind, an open heart, and with the motive of harming none.

Blessed Be )o(



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