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Wednesdays Wisdom

Keira Wetherup Brown Quote…


Wednesdays Wisdom – For Sam

For Sam

I am a Witch

I am a witch.

Wednesdays Wisdom

Two Wednesdays in a week!

Aren’t we lucky to be visited by Odin and the fabulous planet of communication that is Mercury – Twice.

My communication to you on this Wednesday is simple. Well, you know me and trees. Have a fabulous week 😉


Ground yourself

In my element(s)

Here in Robin Hood County, the sun has been burning brightly and showering us in its wonderful rays.

I’ve had such a lovely week, walking by the river and walking the dogs, gardening, and plenty of writing.

I’ve been working mostly on building my characters. Shaping their personalities and adding flesh to their bones. I came across some old psychology notes, that I’d kept specifically for writing, subsequently lost and then found, only to forget about them completely.

So it was fun working through them and trying to decipher my short hand and understand my own writing. So, I’ll be doing a post later about the character building process.

What I did realise this week, is just how different I felt by being out in the sunshine and playing in the garden.

Fire and earth = my favourite elements.

Fire represents the spiritual level of being, it is passion and transformation. It’s the creator and the destroyer,and it is hearth and home.

The active energy of fire can transform anything; dark into light or coolness into warmth.

It can even transform me!

I was instantly kicked into action by the sun coming out. I actually wanted to get up and out every morning this week – As any one who knows me, also knows just what a bitch I can be if woken up, worse, if woken up and not given tea.

But once the sun comes out, so do my best qualities.

Which then brings to to the power of earth. I feel so energised by the sun, it’s true. But digging in the dirt, tidying up the flower beds and planting new plants brings me clarity.

Earth represents the physical level of being, it is the mother, stability and the heart beat of all things. Opposite to fire it’s energy is passive, earth is darkness and yet the same as fire it represents the home.

When ever I get stuck with my writing, it always helps me to think, and sort through the lag, if I go out and connect to the earth. During the late ’80’s and early 90’s I walked barefoot practically everywhere, my feet had freedom and I was connected to the grounding energy of earth. I realise, looking back on those particular years, that I wrote huge amounts.

Mostly crap, granted.

Some of it was okay, some  I never finished.

None survived.

I had a huge burning ritual when I was pregnant with my first son, to transform myself from ageing hippy into doting mother.

Yes, I was barefoot.

No I wasn’t really an ageing hippy.

Yes I regretted it after, not any more though!

I believe the fire transformed my writing, hopefully into something better.

E is for Elements

I do love a bit of magic. Sometimes I want just a sprinkling so I curl up and read Alice Hoffman or Sarah Addison Allen. I like magic to be gentle and possible in this world as well as in my reading matter.

However, I’ve noticed that my last two projects have delved right in there with actual, physical, tangible magic. And I want more!

With a background in metaphysics and parapsychology, I do want my magics to be based on science and the natural order of the earth. Some people assume that because of my “weird” job, (I ran a therapy centre and taught Wicca, Meditation, Psychic courses and Healing.) I’m flaky. I can assure you, I’m not.

But enough about that! I am basing my magic system, in both the worlds I’m currently working on, on science and the natural law.

The Way of Wytch uses the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. Each has it’s own unique qualities and correspondences. Pagans, of this world, use the power of these four directions in everyday magics as well as at the festivals throughout the year, they also use the power of spirit, the fifth element – Hence the five pointed star.

So this how the magics were born, and this is how they relate in my book;

Earth, is represented at the Northern quarter, Nareton. It is the physical level of being. Represented by growth, nature, money, food. Everything that is needed for a physical existence.

It also stands for the power of ancestors – Being able to call upon their strength. They are the warriors, and the fighters. Because they are well rooted in this world, they have a communication with trees. And there is a very special place for fey in the Northern quarter.

Air, is represented at the Eastern quarter, Limenstowe. It is the mental level of being. Represented by communication, learning, thought process, contemplation and meditation.

It also stands for telepathy and swift movements. These characters display magic that is more tangible than that of earth. If you like the idea of teleportation and communication of the mind then this element is for you! Check out A is for Awen, if you haven’t already done so. The race of Awen are from the element of air.

In Agnistead, we find fire. Oh, fire! I am so in love with the characters of fire. These guys are my guardians of secrets, they work for The Order of Truth, and they are my true seers. It is represented at the Southern quarter, the spiritual level of being. It stands for passion, movement, purification, metal work and the power of will.

And when we reach V in the A-Z challenge, you’ll find out why I am so in love them!

Which brings us to the Western Quarter, and water.  The power of emotions. It is in the west where all life begins. Also where my story begins. (G)old Leaf in the C is for Civil Unrest post is from the western quarter, Mariburgh. It represents change, sorrow, intuition, psychic ability, mystery and daring. Mariburgh is where the dreamers and the healers live.

I hope you forgive me for not having excerpts of my story so far in the last two posts, but there will be more on Monday with F. And quite a few more after. So please be sure to check back then!

I also have Pinterest, with a “The Way of Wytch” board to share some pretty pictures that have inspired me, they are being added daily too, to coincide with this challenge.


Happy writing 🙂



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