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C is for Civil Unrest

I think it’s fair to say that I’m struggling a little with this, our third day, of the A-Z challenge. So, C could also be for Confused, Challenging, Crying, Cringing, and is it okay to say Crap?

Here is my problem: We were advised by the wonderful people over on the A-Z blog not to create posts over a certain amount of words. People might become bored. But, this letter has me flummoxed, as I can not come up with another word within my book that I want to write about. Yes, I said can not. (there goes my Nans voice again “there’s no such word as can’t!).

However, in order to deliver to you my excerpt of civil unrest, it would run over the advised wordcount.


Try, in fact, the whole chapter. I’ve reread it a hundred times, to the point that I really don’t like any of it now! And there is no way I can pick out a piece to give to you that really gives this title justice.

Tentatively, here is an excerpt. But it may not be exactly what you expect by the title. So, without further ado, I give you:

C is for a calamity of crazy crafting in a culture called Coventia who created a civil commotion, causing campaigns to cancel conjurings and charms!


She clawed at the rope that was bound around her neck, trying to free the strangled breath. Her body jerked and twisted against the still morning air.
The hanging had not broken her neck, her heart had not given up as she rapidly fell when the horse ran from under her.
Her one eye bulged in its socket at the pressure, and she saw her last sight; of the pinking sky over the blue cliffs that dropped into the ocean green.

The hush of the sea against the shore wept at the death of its heroin.

The bough of the sleeping tree creaked with her weight, and let out a moan of distress for her passing.

Her tongue thrust forward pushing the gathered saliva out of her mouth in a small and steady stream down her chin.
It was Old Leafs tongue that had killed her.
It was Old Leafs tongue that was blamed for the series of ill-fated events that had befallen the village of Coventia.
Ten words she had spoken;
“Shut your mouth Mags, or I’ll shut it for you!”.

How was Old Leaf to know that Mags would suffer with lockjaw that morning, after her daughter had died giving birth to a babe with one eye turned inward. It was only Old Leaf who had been with the girl and the newborn.

How were the villagers themselves to know, that whispers on the wind would soon travel throughout the whole of the kingdom, that after Old Leaf had hanged for these events, the problems and difficulties they had suffered would cease. As if perhaps by magic.
No more foul weather, food shortage, or hunger, and disease.
Ten words that started a war against the wyt.
Ten words that changed the fate of all the lives of a kingdom.

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