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Wednesdays Wisdom

Keira Wetherup Brown Quote…


Wednesdays Wisdom


Ha ha ha...

Wednesday’s Wisdom


Wednesdays Wisdom

Virginia Woolf Quote

Wednesdays Wisdom

It’s number 22 of Wednesdays Wisdom, fadically added this equals four.

Four is the number of Mercury, and Mercury also rules this fair day Wednesday.

Four is practical, it is order and organised, four rules traditional values and honesty.

The number four is also the number of the archangels:


Can't stop laughing at this!

Not practical, not structured or traditional. But hey, it’s only the number of this post.

I am however, organised, and honest – this was written on a Tuesday.

Enjoy yourselves, be happy, and stop hitting yourself.

Wednesdays Wisdom

Two Wednesdays in a week!

Aren’t we lucky to be visited by Odin and the fabulous planet of communication that is Mercury – Twice.

My communication to you on this Wednesday is simple. Well, you know me and trees. Have a fabulous week 😉


Ground yourself

Wednesdays Wisdom

Wednesdays wisdom on a Tuesday? Outrageous!

I like to shake things up a bit from time to time. It’s only because I missed out on the last couple of weeks and I’ve missed finding quotes and wise words to share with you all.

I know that when we see a quote, we like to meditate on it’s meaning, or ponder it’s placement in our life at that moment in time.

Sometimes, it is a beautiful synchronicity which takes our breathe, if just for a moment.

Today, it is a blessing. From the Apache via me, to you.



Wishing you all a joyful week, and a Tuesday filled with balance and harmony 🙂

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